European Specialty Credit Firm


Incus Capital Advisors, S.A. is a Madrid based Specialty Credit investment advisory firm providing flexible credit solutions to mid-market European businesses.

Since inception in 2012, the firm has advised Incus investment funds on over €1 billion of invested capital in more than 60 transactions across various sectors. The advisory firm is owned and controlled by the Partners.

Given the current regulatory and capital environment for traditional banks, European mid-market companies continue having limited access to capital. The capital shortage has created an ideal environment for Specialty Credit firms to assume a greater role in funding European companies capital and growth needs. Incus funds serve as a more flexible alternative to the traditional banking channels and a less dilutive alternative to private equity for companies needing transitional capital.

Incus has been designed with the right resources, expertise and capital needed to deliver substantial benefits to borrowers and, in return, superior risk adjusted returns to Incus funds investors. The firm employs a fundamentally bottom-up approach to our underwriting analysis and takes a very active role in structuring the investment processes.

Our core strength lies in our strong local presence, our broad experience across numerous asset clases, and our ability to execute with high speed & flexibility. All of this makes us a partner of choice to deliver the customized credit solution for our clients' needs. The firm sources transactions directly in the real economy via its proprietary deal origination network.


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