Incus Capital's conservative approach offers investment products that are stable, yield-oriented, and with strong downside protection.


Our comprehensive knowledge of European markets and our strong expertise in real assets make Incus a partner of choice to deliver you the right investment solutions.

Established origination channels

Incus local partners are critical in maintaining the ability to source off-market transactions directly in the real economy.

We identify compelling long-term investment opportunities presented by market dislocations and inefficiencies.

Local market knowledge

The firm has a deep understanding of local legal and regulatory frameworks.

We pursue  bilaterally-negotiated transactions, that fall outside the mandate of traditional capital providers in Europe.

Hands-on asset management

Fully dedicated team that proactively tracks and manages each position to create value and/or anticipate any adverse situation.

Capital preservation lies at the heart of our investment approach.

European Credit Funds


Providing asset-backed financing to mid-market companies.

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European Equity Funds


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