Sustainability has been at the heart of Incus' corporate culture and investment philosophy since inception.

We look to integrate ESG both at the firm level with our 'Incus for Sustainability' program, as well as at the investment level by incorporating the analysis of ESG factors in all potential transactions.

Our commitment to energy transition

Our ESG journey


Annual Sustainability Report

Incus launches its first Sustainability Report to be distributed to investors on an annual basis.


'Incus for Sustainability' program

Program created to address the three core pillars of ESG at the firm level: environmental, social and corporate governance policies.


PRI integration

Incus integrated the PRI internally and externally, including the analysis of our clients and potential investments.


Compliance and ESG team

Incus created a team fully dedicated to the implementation and monitoring of best-in-class ESG practices.


Incus adopted the UN PRI

Incus became a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.


Annual training for employees

Implementation of an annual employee training on ESG and compliance updates at the sector and firm level.


Compliance policies

Incus implemented its compliance policies to help ensure compliance with national and international standards and regulations. These policies are reviewed annually.


Negative screening policy

Since inception, Incus restricted investments in the tobacco, oil and gas, weapons manufacturing, nuclear energy, pornography, and gambling.


Based on guidelines that are principally consistent with the United Nations PRI

Incus has developed and implemented policies and procedures, employee trainings, and programmes to ensure a strong culture of ethical behaviour, compliance, and positive impact.


Corporate initiatives that aim to contribute to environmental sustainability, work equality and inclusive growth within the organization.

Given its commitment to continuously look for areas of improvement, the firm created the 'Incus for Sustainability' program in 2020. The implemented measures are divided into three main areas:


Promote environmental awareness and reduce our carbon footprint by:
  • Removing single-use plastics.
  • Subsidizing cycling plans.
  • Recycling and waste management.
  • Reducing carbon footprint from business travels.


Create a strong corporate culture with a focus on inclusion and diversity by:
  • Ensuring a safe and respectful work environment.
  • Empowering women inside the organization by ensuring they have equal opportunities of assuming leadership roles.
  • Supporting and donating to local charities by Incus' employees.
  • Organizing team bonding activities.

Corporate governance

Serves as the link between investments and sustainability. To ensure its correct implementation Incus:
  • Trains employees annually on updates on compliance policies and the code of ethics.
  • Ensures anti-bribery, AML and corruption policies are fulfilled by implementing appropriate levels of internal oversight.
  • Has full transparency when disclosing ESG matters with clients and partners.